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Category: General Removing Barriers to Recovery

Removing Barriers to Recovery

May 15, 2024

Hello everyone,
Our very own John Bayles is going to be doing and in-service for us. I am so excited for him to share his expertise with us as these issues touch all of our programs. Please attend in-person if possible. I know not everyone will be able to attend in-person so there will be a recorded option for those who can not attend in-person. RRC is welcome to attend but not required as this is your area 🙂
Navigating our community's substance use treatment system can be confusing and overwhelming. Learn how the Recovery Resource Center is working to simplify that process, provide community education on harm reduction and collaborate with partners to save lives and ensure recovery is possible. 
The Crisis Center
3620 8th Ave S
Ste 110
Birmingham, AL 35222

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