What Volunteers Say

"I’ve been a volunteer at the Crisis Center for almost 15 years. I’m addicted! The staff is incredibly supportive and the other volunteers are like family. Sometimes I stop by the Crisis Center on my non-shift days just to be there. It’s my home away from home."
"When I decided that it was time to pay my civic rent, I looked around and found that I could be effective in trying to fill the crying need for someone to listen with a caring, compassionate and, if possible, understanding ear."
"It is rewarding to see the effects of what you do because you have such direct contact with people you help."
"The staff is wonderful. I get so much more from them than I give."
"Volunteering at the Crisis Center is my way of giving back to the community."
"The Center has such a warm, accepting atmosphere about it. It makes me feel good to be there, even on days when I’m not volunteering."
"I love being a part of this program and all it does. Every time a survivor hugs me as they leave, I get chills and I feel like I really made a difference at perhaps the most difficult time in their life."